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Game redesign

Posted at 9 Sep 2007, 11:08:31 GMT:
As promised in my previous post, I'm proud to announce the complete rewrite of Game

While the site still looks somewhat the same, there's a whole lot of changes under the hood. Let me highlight some of the most important ones:
  • The menubar now contains a button 'customize' which not only contains language and theme but with a few more clicks and a painless registration allows you to completely customize your own frontpage to show the news you think is important. This way you can say you'd like to be informed of all new blog posts from Eo for instance.
  • Under 'Extras' there's a whole list of extra stuff under which a full copy of the Game Maker Manual. It includes a quick search as you type system and allows you to easily share a link with people to show them how stuff works
  • While the search field in the top corner looks pretty much the same, the results are now. A search for 'platform tutorial' will show you only Game Maker related results to help you on the way. This search engine is built specifically to allow you to find Game Maker information fast.
With the archive, directory, GML parser, D&D icons, newsticker and Iso City we offer a whole lot more for you to explore.
So what are you waiting for, check it out:


I am very much looking forward to what you think about the new site.

PS: We are looking for volunteers to complete the French translation and to get the site available in even more languages. Please contact us for more information.
PPS: Do you have a site which isn't in our directory or search results, let us know!.

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